Anipanion, Driving The Veterinary Telehealth Sector

Telehealth plays an intricate part in providing care to today’s pet parents. Here at Anipanion, we make implementing telehealth a seamless part of your everyday services. 

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Our Mission

Anipanion aims to provide an exceptional connected care experience for pet parents and their veterinary professionals, with the goal of empowering veterinary teams to deliver the best health outcomes for our beloved companion animals.

About Anipanion

Anipanion was founded in 2018 and is the leading virtual care management platform that connects pet parents and veterinarians through virtual consults with the goal of making veterinary care more convenient and accessible for all.

Our robust, cloud based telemedicine solution helps veterinarians better support their existing clientele. A virtual visit with your Pet Doctor can help address behavioral or wellness inquiries for any furry loved one. Primary applications include: post op and medical rechecks, triage related scenarios, chronic illness monitoring and behavioral consultations.

Co-Founder of Anipanion Tony Cairo

“We’re passionate about enhancing animal healthcare by connecting pets to their veterinarian through virtual online consultations. Here's to healthy & happy pets!”