reduce care team burnout

Offer peace of mind – 24/7

Annie AI, our revolutionary triage pet care assistant, acts as a reliable first point of contact for your clients to seek medical assistance at any hour. Your patients can receive initial guidance and support outside of regular office hours and keep you in the loop throughout the entire process.

Trusted by thousands of veterinary professionals & organizations


Efficient Client Support

Annie AI efficiently assesses and addresses patient inquiries, streamlining the triage process. It ensures that patients with urgent concerns are identified promptly, and enables them to start a digital care consultation with your care team.


Relieve Your Care Team

By addressing routine inquiries and providing basic medical information, Annie AI lightens the administrative workload for your practice. This allows your team to focus on more complex cases and critical patient care, while meeting your clients where they are.


Improve Client Engagement

With 24/7 access to medication information and support, your clients will feel more engaged and connected with your care team. Increased access to care builds trust and loyalty, leading to improved client retention.

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