Boost revenue

Increase Rx sales - PERIOD!

Unleash the power of our cutting-edge e-prescription tools. Seamlessly manage e-scripts, payments, and patient refills all in one place. All orders go out same day to ensure your clients receive their orders quickly! Boost and protect your clinic’s Rx revenues with Anipanion’s prescription management solution. 

Trusted by thousands of veterinary professionals & organizations


Seamless Scripting

With a single click and a secure sign-on, you can instantly access client and patient information that is automatically populated before e-prescribing any medications. Share your Rx recommendations during telehealth consultations and improve your order conversion by over 50%.


One Tap Checkout

Your clients can conveniently purchase medications in their telehealth consultations, ensuring a hassle-free experience all around. All purchases are safeguarded with top-notch security measures – increasing compliance and simplifying the process for everyone involved.


Monitor Patient Rx History

Our approach ensures patient safety, offers treatment plan clarity, and eliminates duplicate prescription errors. By providing a transparent treatment history, your care team can make the appropriate prescription decisions with ease.

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